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TiTLi Sanghrakshini
(Anganwadi Transformation Program)

TiTLi's Sanghrakshini Program transforms Anganwadis into happy and thriving centres of learning and growth for children. This program enables Anganwadi Workers to discover their creative abilities & to provide contextual learning environment for children using naturally available resources, in the process reducing their dependence on the administration. 

The Journey of Sanghrakshini Program :

Sanghrakshini Program was initiated in 2016, when we got an opportunity to work with Palna Ghars (rural Early Child Development Centers of Udyogini) at Ranchi, Jharkhand. This project helped us understand how pre-primary education is delivered in Rural India. We noticed that while the educators there do not possess deep knowledge of ECCE and lack access to artificial teaching aids, they had an enormous amount of child-handling knowledge and access to naturally available resources for teaching. During this training, we realized that a nudge coupled with proper hand holding can help them develop into skilled early childhood educators and caregivers.

Objectives of Sanghrakshini Program


Create Center of Excellence Models (CoEs) within district.


To build community of Parents & Anganwadi Workers 


Improve Learning outcomes of Children 

Approach of Sanghrakshini Program


To help develop skills & confidence of Anganwadi Workers, Helpers & Lady Supervisors.

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To provide candidates with the opportunity of Experiential Learning which will help them gain better understanding on different ways to conduct activities with children.


To help Anganwadi Workers understand the importance of using naturally available resources for teaching.

Sanghrakshini Scope and Services


Holistic Residential Training of Anganwadi Workers & Helpers (7 Days)

ECCE & IT Training of Lady Supervisors and CDPOs (4 days)

Training & Assessment of Master Trainers
(4 days)

Champion Anganwadis to form a Champion Parents Committee (CPC) responsible to supervise the Anganwadis of their sector

TiTLi Field Associates to Guide & Supervise anganwadi workers, helpers & the CPC members

The Parents Committee members will be trained in ECCE along with Anganwadis

Comprehensive Baseline Weighted Assessment of Anganwadi Workers

 Comprehensive Endline Weighted Assessment of Anganwadi Workers


Monthly training of Master trainers

Sanghrakshini Project Impact


Rise in Learning Outcomes

Rise in Daily Activities

Increase in Childrens Attendance

Regular Opening of Anganwadis

Sanghrakshini Project Reach

5000 Anganwadi staff trained

50000 Caregivers engaged 

4000 Anganwadis impacted

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100000 Children Impacted

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