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History of TiTLi

Pranjal Modi completed his CA, CFA & started Coaching Classes for Chartered Accountants in Ranchi, Jharkhand in 2011. His teaching experience made him realize the underlying issues in the Indian Education System. 

He traveled more than 100,000 kilometers across the country and spoke to numerous teachers, children and parents to understand the nature of education in India. It made him realise that the problem initiated in the foundational years. 

The crux of the problem was the lack of a framework for training Early Childhood Educators and Caregivers. He also realised that this ecosystem can contribute to solve the issues of women livelihood and entrepreneurship at scale. As a result, TiTLi (Together in Transforming Learning in India) was born, to deliver a scalable, frugal and convenient programs to help women become skilled Early Childhood Educators and Caregivers in rural and urban areas.

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