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TiTLi Adhyapika
(Government certified Training programs for Pre-schools and Day-care center)


Adhyapika Program enables teachers and caregivers to be trained to transform India’s young learners and help them to, like butterflies, spread their wings and fly. Through this program teachers experience the joy of reliving their childhood and to build their understanding of providing hands-on learning experiences to children in their formative years. 

Adhyapika Program has trained women from varied backgrounds and helped them get employed with pre-schools and day care centers. These employment opportunities help them balance their professional and household responsibilities. This program is certified by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship through Management Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council. NCERT, in 2017 published a paper on the program conducted by TiTLi - titled “The Challenges & Outcomes of Developing Classroom Ready, Scalable Teacher Education Program ”. More details about this program can be found here

Program Objectives


Credible, convenient & frugal teacher training Program


Provide Suitable Job Opportunity for women


To improve women’s economic outcomes in the field of ECCE

Program USP

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Employment Centric Training

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Experiential Learning

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Curated & Customized Curriculum

Features of the program

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Flexible short duration course


Honing Life skill

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Certified by Skill India Mission

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240 hours of Internship to help with job readiness

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Multi-lingual training

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Average ROI within 3 months of course completion


Develops Creative Thinking


Better Parenting


Functional With Technology

Result of Intervention


More than 90% job placement


75% first time earners


Average Stipend of more than 11K

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